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Enyo: Up and Running

I’m pleased to announce that my book Enyo: Up and Running is now available for pre-order. Enyo: Up and Running is a book designed to help JavaScript programmers get up-to-speed with Enyo. I wrote it to guide you step-by-step through the various pieces of Enyo.

I’m very proud of the result and think that you’ll be able to use Enyo to produce native quality apps using just JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

MoDevEast Presentations

My MoDevEast presentations are now available on YouTube and Slideshare. For those of you not familiar with it, MoDevEast is an annual mobile developer conference held on the East Coast. In addition to MoDevEast, the MoDev folks have local meetup groups and put on several other conferences, including MoDevTablet and MoDevUX.

I was fortunate enough to be able to run a workshop on Thursday and a give a short presentation about Enyo on Friday.

On Friday, I gave a shorter, higher-level presentation about Enyo.  You may note that I make good (re-)use of my slide deck:

MoDev Meetup Presentation

Here’s a presentation about the Enyo JavaScript framework that I gave to the MoDev meetup group in November 2012:

Following the presentation we had a panel discussion on cross-platform best practices. Here’s the video of that:

MoDevTablet Enyo Presentation

In September I gave a presentation to the MoDevTablet conference. The talk was titled HTML5 Apps: Write Once, Deploy Anywhere and it covered app development using the Enyo JavaScript framework.  Below is the video of the presentation and the Slideshare slide deck I used.